BC party leaders take election campaign to annual Sikh celebration

BC party leaders take election campaign to annual Sikh celebration

He says an NDP government will increase welfare rates by $100 a month, and increase the income exemption by $200 a month.

He's also promising a two per cent speculation tax for properties owned by people who don't pay tax in B.C.

"There is only one party that is going to control spending, cut taxes and make sure British Columbians can go to jobs everyday, have the dignity of a paycheque and be able to look after the people that they love", said Clark. Promises $30M a yr for K-12 classroom supplies.

The party has also pledged to amend the Residential Tenancy Act to outlaw fixed-term leases and rent increases based on average prices in the surrounding neighbourhood.

While operating expenses are predicted to produce small surpluses over the next three years, the New Democrats expect to add $7 billion to the province's debt over five years through capital expenditures aimed at creating 96,000 jobs.

The platform says the subsidized child care plan would be brought in over the next 10 years. I'm committed to that, I'm committed to living within our means.

A large part of cutting that waste, according to Horgan, is getting rid of what he calls Christy Clark's "LNG Fantasy Fund".

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"My first thought was who is going to be paying for all this?" she said. Trying to meet that commitment she took $500-million from Medical Services Premium rates and put it into a phony fund.

"We would support that kind of model that's not one (distribution channel) or another, it's a combination of both", Weaver said.

Horgan said that as premier he would introduce an annual $400 renter's rebate if his party wins the provincial election on May 9.

However, Clark said Horgan's proposal shows the New Democrats are "flying by the seat of their pants" and lack a clear plan.

But that $7-billion will be debt; so how will it impact the books? Postmedia News asked the leaders of British Columbia's main political parties what system they favoured for the distribution of legal pot in B.C. and whether the province or local governments should share in the tax revenue.

- Horgan says he's already having meetings about how to distribute legal marijuana, including talks with liquor outlets, craft brewers, pharmacies and dispensaries.

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