Sen. Jeff Flake reflects on Republican Party in new book

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake said he thinks Republicans who don't call out Trump on his conduct are being'complicit, the lawmaker said on Sunday

Our recent book, Asymmetric Politics, explains why the GOP can not easily be diverted from its conservative path. It was my Mother's copy that she received while she was active in the Young Republicans and the Goldwater for President movement in the early 1960s and I still have it. "The Senate is at its best when we work together on things".

To understand how importance Goldwater's book was it is important to understand the milieu in which it was written.

The Texas Republican senator has had a troubled history with the president. Today we know conservative were right and Flake was wrong, but that wouldn't be the only time Flake sold out conservatives.

An excerpt from the book - titled "My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump" - ran on Politico Monday morning. And so he wrote Conscience of a Conservative. We read it, memorized it, quoted it. "The people of this country love him".

I get it: Flake is a conservative and we shouldn't expect Flake to "resist Trump" by voting against legislative initiatives he'd have backed under any Republican president. But holding Senator Flake to that same conservative standard reveals how Flake himself has repeatedly betrayed the conservative principles he purports to defend.

"I should note when I came to Congress in 2001, I opposed President George W. Bush's first initiative, No Child Left Behind", said Flake.

"Since entering the Senate in 2013, Jeff Flake has, time and again, proven he is part of the indulgent hypocrisy in Washington". Brent Bozell, whose father ghostwrote Goldwater's book, thinks not.

Like so many others, Senator Flake is playing a game with voters. Flake and his "book, ' that the author is a deceiver out for personal and financial gain".

"Being a conservative means something in terms of demeanor and comportment".

Mr. Bozell is right, but he is, in our view, too kind to Senator Flake.

As the Arizona senator wrote, those in Congress - especially Republicans - "bear particular responsibility" for allowing it to get to this point and it is there job to stand up and do something.

A truly conservative party would have no trouble replacing the Obamacare mandates with individual choice in health insurance and reining in Medicaid costs to taxpayers.

Ben Sasse: The Nebraska senator is only in his first term but has already made a name for himself thanks to his willingness to critique Trump.

Flake worries about Trump's "seeming affection for strongmen and authoritarians", and this is likely why he voted to restrict Trump's ability to relax sanctions on Russian Federation - joining every other Republican senator except Rand Paul. General Kelly is greatly respected on both sides of the aisle, and he may be just the man to bring greater discipline and focus to the executive branch.

Cuomo asked Flake if he agreed with Miller that Emma Lazarus's poem wasn't "a core principle for America's invitation to the world".

"If we ascribe the worst motives to our opponents and demean them and call them clowns or losers, you just lose the ability to sit down and solve the big issues and actually enact conservative policy", Flake told MSNBC.

The book unofficially kicks off what is expected to be a challenging 2018 re-election campaign for Flake. He is a pro-immigration Republican.

"Here we have Flake, who takes the title of the book, "Conscience of a Conservative, ' the cover of the book, which is not identical but very close to the original cover of "Conscience of a Conservative" slaps his own meaningless, imbecilic arguments inside a book called 'Conscience of a Conservative" to justify his liberal sellout agenda".

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