Fox's Gasparino says Nunberg will seek treatment after Friday grand jury appearance

Fox's Gasparino says Nunberg will seek treatment after Friday grand jury appearance

Remember all of these Washington Post and New York Times and CNN stories with multiple reporters.

His interviews were so wild and unhinged that CNN's Erin Burnett even asked him if he had been drinking - and said she smelled alcohol on his breath - which prompted questions as to whether the media was exploiting a man who had gone off the deep end.

Mueller had better come and get him if that's the case, but he wouldn't really do that, would he?

"They don't know what's going on", he said, speculating that Mueller would not appreciate his comments and suggesting the authorities might send police to his apartment. What was that? No, he has not been drinking. Still, the Trump White House plans to cooperate with the Muller investigation. "[Russian President Vladimir] Putin is too smart to collude with Donald Trump". He couldn't collude. How could he?

Now Nunberg is floating an apology: "Sarah's very talented", Nunberg told The Daily Caller, the morning after his remarks.

It seems to be an affliction the two of them share.

"I have not had a drink", he said, though he did admit to being on anti-depressants.

Which would be hard.

"It's rather astounding. I certainly - the way I've seen the subpoena - it is a reasonable subpoena".

"Roger did not do anything!"

"I am not a fan of Donald Trump", he added at one point. His issue with the proceedings? That's what I think it was.

"It's actually a rare thing, I can tell you for a grand jury probe, it is the disclosures of information and evidence from primary sources, from people who have actually been in that room in Mueller's office, or who are headed there, and Mr. Nunberg isn't the first to disclose this kind of information or that didn't have an ax to grind", Melber continued. Nunberg exclaimed, on one of the channels that he was on, which for a while appeared to be every channel. Burnett responded: "I'm just trying to understand". I'm not going to spend 30 hours going over my emails. The thought of having to go through your inbox, even for a situation that is not complying with the wishes of the special counsel, fills me with dread and alarm.

If they'll take a guy that they don't even know and they know that he's drunk - they can smell adult beverages on his breath - and they'll still put him on the air, six different shows (45 minutes in one interview), knowing he's drunk, knowing he was sacked in 2015 ... But while you can run from Trump, you can't hide. Would we still hire you if we read through everything you had posted on social media? I was heavily invested in that campaign.

Burnett was eager to help Nunberg light himself on fire, and, incredibly, did so while believing he was incapacitated by alcohol. Not the Trump campaign!

But justifying the name-calling as a "rough day" just doesn't cut it.

Having other people around whose response to moments of stress was to rush to telephone cable news and rant incoherently for hours at a time must, no doubt, have soothed Trump.

"Nobody made him go on television".

"I'm from NY and I'm very sarcastic", Nunberg said. The bad news is that this does not seem to have been the support network they needed.

During his afternoon tirades, Nunberg detailed his interview with Mueller's investigators, mocking them for asking such questions as if he had heard Russian being spoken in Trump Tower.

And you got your subpoena today?

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