Stinging Tweets Scorch 'Snowflake' Devin Nunes Over Lawsuit Against Twitter

Devin Nunes

Nunes, a Republican, also accused Twitter of publishing defamatory content - including from a handle that purported to be Nunes own mother, according to the complaint filed in Virginia state court.

Nunes is demanding a trial by jury, compensatory damages no less than $250,000,000, and punitive damages "in the amount of $350,000.00 or the maximum amount allowed by law".

The lawsuit accuses the popular social media site of "shadow-banning conservatives" - including Nunes, a California Republican - while profiting from abusive behavior and language allegedly perpetrated by liberal and left-wing Twitter accounts, including two apparent spoof accounts: Devin Nunes' Cow and Devin Nunes' Mom, both of which are listed as defendants.

The specific intention of the smear campaign was to undermine Nunes' work in investigating the Clinton campaign and alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, Nunes' legal team asserts.

Typically, social media sites would be exempt from defamation liability, but Nunes' lawyers are arguing that Twitter monetized and knowingly allowed the offensive content to remain on the site, and is therefore complicit in Nunes' defamation.

The suit also accuses Twitter of "shadow-banning" Nunes' account, a common claim among conservatives, though it notes that Twitter has denied this allegation.

"Twitter is not a neutral platform such as an Internet bulletin board".

'Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats.

Starr believes Nunes is using litigation to get the answers he wants from Twitter and using the courts to do what Congress is unable to do. Twitter consciously allowed the defamation of Nunes to continue.

Engadget reports that Nunes blames Twitter for his reduced majority in the 2018 election.

Nunes has accused Twitter of censoring conservatives before, threatening the company with legal action a year ago for allegedly hiding comments from prominent Republicans.

A screenshot of one of her tweets was included in the lawsuit that implied Nunes had colluded with prostitutes and cocaine addicts. Twitter did not review the account until this year.

But, in spite of the lawsuit, "Devin Nunes' cow" is not backing down. The President tweeted about the news of Nunes' lawsuit late Monday.

"The substance and timing of the tweets, retweets, replies, and likes by Mair, Devin Nunes' Mom, Devin Nunes' cow, demonstrates all three bad actors were and are engaged in a joint defame Nunes", the complaint stated. Shadow banning is the practice of making a post visible only to the person who created it.

"The lawsuit used several paragraphs to lay out Twitter's user guidelines, and then stated, "@LizMair, @DevinNunesMom, @DevinCow, @fireDevinNunes, and @DevinGrapes repeatedly tweeted and retweeted abusive and hateful content about Nunes that expressly and undoubtedly violated Twitter's Terms and Rules".

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